You Deserve A Beautiful Smile

We offer a wide variety of dental services, so you don’t have to travel out of Tate County to get exceptional care. Though these procedures are commonly referred to specialists, we perform root canal therapy, implant restoration and wisdom tooth extraction in-house for your convenience. 

Modern dentistry is, often unintentionally, cosmetic in nature. We are able to drastically lighten tooth color, reconstruct widely spaced or missing teeth, and completely alter a smile with the simple placement of crowns and/or porcelain veneers. If there’s anything you don’t like about your smile, modern dentistry can transform it in as little as one visit.

 We're delighted to provide valuable preventive care to you and your family, including:

Cassie, Kim and Lyndsy

Care For The Entire Family
Check-Ups & Exams
Cosmetic Bonding
Crowns and Bridges
Dental Implants
Detection Of Gum Disease
Effective Fluoride Therapy
Laser Dentistry
Missing Tooth Replacement
Teeth Whitening
Tooth-Colored Fillings
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